2018 step by step elf shelf flyer

Dear Parent Group: “ T h e E l f S h e l f ® ” is a service program made available to you through autho- rized “ E l f S h e l f ® ” Distributors. This program is run by volunteer parents and grandparents who want to offer their children the opportunity to shop for friends and family in a safe & non- commercial environment. An outline of how the program works is as follows: 1. Your group obtains permission to use space in your school for a few days to run the shop. T h e E l f S h e "ACHILDREN'SHOLIDAYSTORE" at your service since 1989 2. We send you a Promo Kit that contains: A Step by Step Guide to Run a Shop A Watch For Flyer for each Student Watch For Posters for around the School A Has Arrived Flyer for each Student and A Gift Guide Envelope for each Student 3. In late September or Early October, you send home the “ Watch For ” Announcement & Recruiting Fliers we have provided to announce your upcoming Shoppe and help you recruit volunteers.