2018 step by step elf shelf flyer

8. On shopping day, the children bring their “ Gift Guide Envelopes ” to school and take turns shopping for gifts of their choice. 9. As a gift is selected it is matched up with one of the self sealing Metallic Gift Bags we provide and the price code checked on the back of the “ Gift Guide Envelope ”. 10. When the child has finished shopping . . . the gifts selected and his or her “ Gift Guide Envelope ” are given to the cashier. The purchases are totaled, change made and everything is then placed in a large plastic shopping bag provided by “ T h e E l f S h e l f ® ”. 11. When all of the students have shopped, you pack up the leftover merchandise and we will have it picked up. “ We take back all unsold merchandise for full credit. ” “ NEVER A SHIPPING CHARGE! ” Plus, for those schools that reserve their programs early, we have “ Outdoor Advertising Banners ”, “ Door Panels ”, “ Kids’ Bucks ”, FREE use of a “ pre-programmed Cash Register ” and more. ©2015 GSI, Inc. - #16 www.elfshelf.com